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IntelliGantt Web Part for SharePoint

Choice Folders

  • Start with a List and a View
  • Add one or two 'Group By' fields
  • IntelliGantt layout changes to create virtual folders
  • Add new tasks in a virtual folder and inherit its properties

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Creating and Using a Choice Hierarchy

By default the IntelliGantt Web Part will display a containment hiearchy based on folders and nested items.

The basic parent/child hierarchy

To create 'Choice Folders' edit any SharePoint list view and add one or two choice columns to the 'Group By' section.

Add one or more choice fields to the 'Group By' section

When the IntelliGantt Web Part finds a view with 'Group By' fields set, it will create virtual folders to match the choice values as necessary.

IntelliGantt creates virtuala folders based on the 'Group By' settings

You can use the task manipulation window to create new tasks within a virtual folder.

New tasks can be added to a virtual folder

The IntelliGantt Web Part will identify which choice fields are active for a virtual folder and add those values to your new task item.

New task items receive the choice values defined by their virtual folder