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IntelliGantt Web Part for SharePoint

Integrating with a Discussion List

  • Click on the 'expander' at the very upper left of the application
  • Move the mouse into the opened pane in order to see available tools per task row
  • Click on the 'Discuss' tool
  • View the topic in both the IntelliGantt Web Part and in the Discussion List
  • Reply to discussion topics within the IntelliGantt Web Part

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Creating a Discussion Topic from a Task

The IntelliGantt Web Part integrates with SharePoint Discussion Lists within the same SharePoint site.

The basic project screen

A SharePoint site is typically created with a Discussion List called 'Team Discussion'.

The basic SharePoint Discussion List

To link a task with a Discussion topic, first open the tool window by clicking on the blue circle at the very upper left of the IntelliGantt Web Part.

The blue circle at the very upper left toggels the tool window

Click on the 'mini caption' icon to create the topic.

Clicking on the mini caption icon will create a topic in the Discussion List

A popup dialog appears seeded with the task name for the discussion topic. Type in the text of your discussion in the multiline text box.

The title is seeded from the task and the text by you

The new topic is now in the Team Discussion.

A new discussion has been created

Click on the new topic in the discussion to see the root of the new thread.

The created topic is the root of a new thread

The topic can also link to the task by adding a lookup column called 'Task', as seen here in the topic properties. (Technical Details)

The topic can contain a link back to the originating task

Back in the IntelliGantt Web Part, the task can also link to the topic by adding a lookup column called 'Discussions'. When you move the mouse over a discussion entry in the task list, a 'dialogue' appears showing you the discussion thread.(Technical Details)

The task can contain a link to the topic

You can add to the discussion by typing in a response and clicking the 'Reply' button.

You can reply to the latest discussion topic within the task list

The new discussion entry is immediately visible in the task list.

You reply is immediately visible

And of course as a new reply within the Discussion List thread..

The actual reply information is stored in the discussion list