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IntelliGantt Web Part

Designed for SharePoint 2007, 2010 & 2013
Rich Printing, Easy Zooming, Intuitive Viewing
See all your tasks from a Task List, Site or Entire Server.
Windows & Apple Mac

For SharePoint 2013
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Intuitive Collaboration for Online Teams

The IntelliGantt Web Part is an excellent product.

— Peter Koch, MillenWorks

View all your tasks in SharePoint (View Screencast)

SharePoint Task and Project Task Lists are great for storing all your tasks, but they don't display a project hierarchy and items can be scattered throughout your SharePoint site in nooks and crannys that require too many mouse clicks and context changes.

IntelliGantt shows the full task hierarchy for any SharePoint Task or Project Task List. Futhermore, it will aggregate task lists together either by including all tasks within a site, or optionally by including all task lists in every subsite.

The goal is to give you a complete window to the tasks at hand within your company. To that end, the IntelilGantt Web Part automatically rolls up all number fields providing a quick 'heads up' summary.

Use SharePoint Views to Filter Tasks and Change IntelliGantt's Column Headers (View Screencast)

List Views are a very powerful tool that the IntelliGantt Web Part uses to select a set of tasks. In addition, views are used to define which columns are visible. The IntelliGantt Web Part makes use of both these native SharePoint View features to show the same tasks defined in your view and to adjust the task list columns to match the visible columns defined in your view. Coupled with the ability to select which view the IntelliGantt Web Part initializes with and you can craft the data your team members see to your exact requirements.

Integrate with Document Lists like 'Shared Documents'

Drag and drop a file from your computer onto a task item in the IntelliGantt Web Part. By default it will store the file as an attachment to the task item. However, if you set up a lookup column called 'Documents' that points to a Document List, then the file is added to your Document List and linked with your task item.

Virtual Folders Based on Group By Values

If you have defined one or two 'Group By' values in your SharePoint view, then the IntelliGantt Web Part will create virtual folders representating the various combinations of your groupings and place task items in the appropriate folder. Combined with the choice filtering this is a powerful way to group and quickly identify important tasks.

Integrate with Calendar and Discussion Lists

It's great SharePoint comes with Calendar and Discussion lists, but out of the box they're just two more islands of functionality. While we like archipelagos as much as the next guy, it's a poor way to tackle collaborative efforts like project management. Therefore the IntelliGant Web Part introduces integration among task, calendar and discussion lists. In the case of discussions we took it one step further and made it possible to view and reply to topic threads within the IntelliGantt Web Part, thus minimizing disruptive context switches.

Key Performance Indicators based on your Choice Columns

IntelliGantt can generate pie charts from your SharePoint Choice columns personalized for each team member in your project. Whether its the common 'Status' choice field or a completely custom choice field you've created, you can both visualize and filter your task list by a person and choice value.

Drag & Drop Task Templates

Save a task or summary task by clicking on the 'write' icon in the tool window. This will create an igantt file containing all the task information on your local machine. You can then drag the file from Windows Explorer back onto the IntelliGantt Web Part (over a project or summary task) and create new copies of your task information. Assignments and predecessor links will be recreated (if possible) as well.

Search for tasks within specific dates (View Screencast)

Ever wanted to know what's scheduled for next week? IntelliGantt supports date-range searches so you can see what's on tap for any week, month or other time period.

Find tasks with keyword searches

It's one thing to have all the tasks in one viewable spot; it's another thing to find the tasks important to you. The IntelliGantt search feature also let's you type in free-form text and query the SharePoint server for matches.

IntelliGantt turns your typed-in data into powerful SharePoint CAML queries that are submitted to SharePoint. What this means is only the tasks matching your criteria are returned to you. What this really means is your IT Administrator will thank you for not slowing down the server!

Plus, your own search is combined with the currently selected view. So if you wanted to see all your tasks that are 'Behind', you can select 'My Tasks' from the View dropdown and search for 'Behind'. The result may be very important to you.

Dynamic real-time zoom-in/zoom-out

Perhaps the number one requested feature for the SharePoint Gantt chart, as determined by site hits, blog hits and plaintive pleas, is the ability to zoom in and zoom out. IntelliGantt gives you a 'zoom factor' slider bar that let's get exactly the scale you want. Compress or expand time with a mouse slide or click.

High-Fidelity printing

Finally! 'What you see is what you get' is now available for both Windows and Mac platforms. By default IntelliGantt will print the entire range of the project, but you can customize the printing by specifying your own range. You can then see a preview of each individual page as its sent off to the printer.

Full Screen Mode for Maximum Viewing

Housing a web part within a SharePoint page is a good thing because it establishes a context anchored to a SharePoint site. However, the SharePoint navigational aids reduce the amount of working area for web parts. The IntelliGantt Web Part, however, can go into 'Full Screen Mode' and thus devote every pixel on your display to rendering your project. Just click the big orange arrow. It's the biggest picture you can possibly get, until you get a larger monitor.

Dynamic Refreshing (View Screencast)

IntelliGantt will periodically query SharePoint for changes to tasks. When a change is found, it is highlghted within the task list by becoming bold, much like a new email in your inbox. Clicking on the cell marks it as 'read' and reverts it back to its normal text.

Or, if you have an active view like 'My Tasks', tasks that are marked completed will be removed on refresh, but new tasks assigned to you will appear-- also like new email in your inbox.

In Place Editing with 'Schedule Lock'

IntelliGantt gives you the ease of use of in-place editing but the smarts to know that some fields shouldn't be editable-- like Start Date, Due Date, Assigned To and Predecessor. IntelliGantt won't accidentally change the schedule because it can't change the schedule. This ensures that the project manager owns the schedule using tools like our IntelliGantt Desktop application, Microsoft Project 2007 with our IntelliGantt Add In and Microsoft Project 2010 Professional with its own SharePoint task sync feature.

Localized for your Understanding

The IntelliGantt Web Part is currently localized for English, Française, Deutsch, Español, Italiano and 日本語

If you'd like the IntelliGantt Web Part in your language, let us know!