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IntelliGantt (Version 4)

Welcomes individuals to actively engage in projects anywhere.
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Easier interface. Latest Technology. Project Rollups, Timesheets and more.

IntelliGantt Plus (Version 3)

Basic project management built for collaboration.
From $69

Works with WSS 2.0, SharePoint 2003 and Groove 2007.

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V4 SharePoint Workgroups

V4 Local Workgroups

V4 Cloud Workgroups

V4 Multi-Project View

V4 MS Project Integration

Overbooked & Overallocated

Task & Resource Costing

V3 Introducing IntelliGantt

V3 Internet Workgroup

V3 MS Project Integration

V3 Syncing with SharePoint

V3 Templates and Roles