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Amazing Office 365 SharePoint Integration.
Multi-Project Views.
Estimates & Actuals.
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Intuitive and affordable collaboration for virtual teams.

Project Management for Everyone

We believe project management on the cloud in the mobile age means powerful tools that are incredibly mobile and easy to use. So we created a solution designed for Windows 10 on all devices and SharePoint for all web browsers. Create a project and click once to share it with your team on SharePoint using Office 365 with our elegant solution.

IntelliGantt Benefits
  • Friendly, Inviting UI
  • Multi-user capability allows many IntelliGantt users to work in one project
  • Advanced synchronization keeps the latest, up-to-date information in front of everyone (No More Double Entry!)
  • Simple permissions with task assignments means only the people assigned to tasks may update them
  • A Multi-Project View you can filter (and find overallocated resources) across projects
  • Interactive Gantt Chart -- everything is drag and drop-able with dynamic feedback
  • Basic costing, or more complex costing.
  • Review all your projects in one fell swoop
  • Flexible Licensing (Traditional or Periodic)

Bigger Than a SpreadSheet, Smaller Than the Enterprise

IntelliGantt is designed for groups that have outgrown spreadsheets but don't need a full-fledged enterprise project management solution.

Small business looking for more structure, medium business working with clients or consultants and departments within large organizations can all benefit from IntelliGantt's powerful sharing and synchronization features.

We would be happy to give a GoTo Meeting demonstration of our IntelliGantt solution at a moments notice.

Up and Running Right Out of the Box

Even with several configuration options, IntelliGantt works right out of the box. It let's the project manager quickly build, share and track tasks with their online Office 365 team.

Advanced Features Simply Presented

Multi-Project Viewing, Multi-Level Undo, Automatic Checks for Project Updates, Smart Milestones, User Permissions and more.

More IntelliGantt Benefits

View Multiple Projects at a Time

Simply click in the checkbox by the project name in the tree view. When active, the tasks appear in the task grid and gantt chart. When not active, they don't. View any combination of projects at once and apply filters to across all projects. This lets you quickly see what projects are running at the same time, what might have conflicts and who is overallocated.

Smart Merge Technology

However you choose to share a project, IntelliGantt merges everyone's changes into one unified view. No need to wonder if you have the 'latest' version of the project. Hit the 'update' button and your changes are sent to the group while the groups changes are sent to you.

Smart Filters

IntelliGantt comes with common filters to help you quickly identify tasks based on properties and assignments. You can quickly see a 'To Do' list, what tasks are due next week, late tasks and others. You can also combine filters with one or more resources assignments and see how everyone is doing.