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Client Dashboards. Multi-Project Views. Estimates & Actuals.
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Case Studies

Morris-Depew Associates, Inc. (construction)

"We have 200 to 500 active projects at all times. ... IntelliGantt appears to be a very high quality product."

Provident Partners (marketing)

"The new tools help you work smarter in a low-cost low-risk way. This is not just an advantage, it's a no-brainer."

Grapevine Software (software development)

"The TeamDirection project management solution is the center of the whole development process. It clearly identifies each person's responsibility and associates all relevant information with the task and its deadline. It is a very good solution for focusing the team's time and effort on the project deliverable."

Markos Arnold (Consultant)

"I've been a fan of TeamDirection from the first moment that I used their tools. They're easy to use, integrate seamlessly with Groove, and they deliver the collaborative functionality my clients and I need at a very low price."

Hexalog (clinical trials)

"Hexalog leverages TeamDirection Project to collaborate on research activities across organizational and international boundaries."