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IntelliGantt Add In
for Microsoft® Project 2007

Full support for SharePoint 2007 and 2010!

Links Microsoft® Project Standard or Professional 2007
with SharePoint® Lists (2010 AND 2007).

3 Month License for $49. Unlimited License for $199.

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IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft® Project

Makes Project 'Team Friendly' by adding incredibly rich SharePoint integration.

In the one day that I have used this tool, I have already saved a bunch of typing and moving tasks into SharePoint ... updating projects in three locations has become a breeze!

- Matthew Olsen, Business Analyst
Veracity Technologies

Combine Desktop Power & Internet Collaboration With One Add In

Want the richness of Microsoft Project and the collaborative power of SharePoint? Our IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project lets you share your plan and raise task visibility for your team!

You choose whether to share your plan on SharePoint. SharePoint members can see their assigned tasks in SharePoint Task or Issue lists. Team members are then able to update their status using just their web browser. A simple client dashboard lets you easily view all your shared projects and their status.

Over 70 custom SharePoint fields are at your disposal-- all configurable to your requirements. You choose what fields are published to SharePoint, how they are displayed and whether each field supports one-way (Member Read) or two-way (Member Read & Write) updates. You see the results merged right in your Microsoft Project plan.

The IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project brings project management to SharePoint with zero installation on the servers! It communicates with SharePoint the same way Microsoft Office applications do and works with the task and issue web parts that come with SharePoint and the 'Fabulous Forty'.

Easy-to-Use Integration

Team members can update and complete tasks assigned to them with as little as a web browser. The IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project also works with hosted SharePoint solutions-- because it has no server requirements! Because it installs on your local desktop, the IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project will keep track of changes you make offline and merge updates when you're back online. Finally, if you happen to delete a shared project, the IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project has a 'Recover' feature to get you back on track.

Microsoft Project Goes to the Web with SharePoint

  • Work with local Master projects for organization and shared Sub Projects for execution. (screencast)
  • Unread markers help project managers quickly spot which tasks have changed.
  • Detailed synchronization logs shows you exactly what is changing where.
  • Add email addresses to your project resources and IntelliGantt will automatically match them to SharePoint members.
  • Turn your resource assignments in to real people by reassignment.
  • Custom SharePoint template support means your projects can turn in to real workflows!
  • Create projects from existing SharePoint task lists.
  • Recognize and add new tasks created in SharePoint that Microsoft Project can schedule and assign.
  • Take advantage of multiple resources assigned to tasks.
  • Updates every Microsoft Project task and resource with links to SharePoint.
  • Publish multiple projects to multiple SharePoint servers and use the local dashboard to keep track of them.
  • And best of all, it makes a ton of economic sense by saving two tons of money.

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