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IntelliGantt's rich context integration with SharePoint

Most applications that integrate with a service require two windows up at once, leaving the user to manage the context switches both at a physical level with Alt+Tab and at a mental level with window A and window B. IntelliGantt recognized this issue and came up with embedding a web browser as one of its views. Combined with the project hierarchy on the left, IntelliGantt provides a quick way to automatically bookmark your projects and keep them in context.

When you share a project to SharePoint, IntelliGantt remembers the destination URL so that when you change views...

... to the web browser ...

IntelliGantt brings up the task list you published.

If you select tasks within the list that IntelliGantt knows about, then they will be selected within the IntelliGantt grid/gantt window as well. This makes it really easy to schedule and assign tasks with a rich project tool, and see what your team members are seeing right now. View our screencast for more information on this feature.