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Using MS Outlook 2007 with SharePoint Task Lists


Though a SharePoint Project Management solution can be powerful, you may have noticed it takes a lot of clicks to update your tasks via a web browser. Thankfully there is a tool probably already on your desktop that makes life easier for MOSS 2007 users.

If you are using MOSS 2007, then there is an excellent chance you are using Microsoft Outlook 2007 as well. If so, then you can work with SharePoint tasks-- in fact, with any SharePoint list-- from within MS Outlook. All it takes is three steps:

Step 1: SharePoint members can click on the 'Actions' dropdown and select 'Connect to Outlook'.

Step 2:, a dialog pops up in Outlook that looks like the following:

Step 3: once the user clicks 'OK', Outlook establishes a link with the SharePoint Task List and makes them available within Outlook:

The most important things about these task are:

  • You can update them within Outlook
  • You can update them while offline and let Outlook synchronize
  • You will receive updates within Outlook as well

Combined with an IntelliGantt solution, your team will be able to work with their tasks, online or offline, in an environment they probably spend most of their day in already.