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TeamDirection Support FAQ

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What is a support case?

A support case is a request for assistance on a particular topic. To facilitate smooth handling and clear organization of problem resolutions, multiple questions relating to various topics must be handled in separate requests. If there is any uncertainty, we'll let you know the number of support topics (cases) we use to classify your questions.

You'll receive a support case number at the outset. This case number is part of all correspondence on any particular issue between you and the support team.

A support case is closed when a solution has been developed for any support request or the problem could be reproduced and traced to a software error. In the latter case, the development team is immediately notified so that the error can be corrected. TeamDirection keeps you posted on the availability of a fix. Whenever technically possible, a temporary workaround is offered for such cases.

When a support case is complete, you will receive notification of the updated status of your ticket account.